enviro policy



At Breakers we work hard to support our beautiful country by undertaking a number of actions. Many of these you will not see, but some you may notice.

Some actions that you may not see are installing low-flush toilet options, taps/shower heads which use less water, buying local produce where possible, composting our organic waste, using low-energy lighting/motion sensors, use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and donating unwanted items to charity. We recycle where possible and endeavour to help keep New Zealand and the West Coast a clean, green environment.

As our valued guests we hope you will help us to undertake our commitment to the environment and undertaking of actions to ensure our country remains a wonderful place to visit for future generations.

We endeavour to turn off lights and equipment when not in use (or when we leave the room). You may wish to do the same.

We are on rain water – collected from the roof into our tanks and then filtered. Even so, we turn off taps when we are not directly using the water (i.e. brushing our teeth, having a wash). You are welcome to do the same.

Please help us to conserve our water and energy by hanging your bath linen for re-use. If you would like your bath linen replaced please leave it in the shower cubical. It will be replaced when your room is serviced.

We are always trying to reduce waste by recycling cardboard, paper, magazines, tin, aluminium, glass and plastic. We offer you these recycling options with bins which are located by the side of the garage should you choose to use them.

We are actively involved with the West Coast Blue Penguin Trust with the local stoat control programme for Nine Mile Creek. We have pamphlets regarding the Blue Penguins and if you would like to make a donation there is a box in the guest lounge area. All proceeds go towards more stoat traps and bait to help protect both the penguins in our area and our natural birdlife.

We hope you leave Breakers knowing that your support and actions help us maintain or enhance our lovely region of the West Coast and of New Zealand.

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Breakers is rated “excellent” by Qualmark - New Zealand’s official quality agency for tourism and Breakers proudly supports the environment and promotion of environmental sustainability in New Zealand and the tourism industry
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